Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Than Just a Draw

One point versus a formidable opponent.  Coming out of the match with battle wounds to Momo Sissoko and Armand Traore.  We, the tifosi, can't help thinking that the players are our there playing with everything they have.  Yet, I would argue otherwise.
     Simone Pepe as a seconda punta? Did Gigi Del Neri wake up and decide that Simone Pepe could play striker in the blink of an eye?  Truth is that Gigi is running very low on his options and starting Pepe up top with Amauri is basically like playing without a striker.  The game changed with the introduction of Del Piero and Martinez in the second half.  They each changed the game with more pace in regards to Martinez and ball possession when discussing Del Piero.  
     Even our great legend Alex Del Piero missed a sitting duck at the end of the game against Sampdoria with just two minutes left in stoppage time.  It was a result from a beautiful feed by Marco Motta set up by Martinez.  Krasic wasn't necessarily having the game of his life and never really showed that he was involved.  It might be because he hasn't stopped playing in a full year much like Felipe Melo of last year.  So we won't judge Milos too harshly. 
     The defense was more than formidable even though we were forced into an early substitution due to a knock Traore picked up.  He likely won't be returning to the club next year considering he hasn't provided much to this point at all.  Whenever he has been given the chance to make an impact he'd suffer a setback.  
     Gigi Buffon didn't have much to do, but made some courageous plays on corners to get involved which indicates that he isn't really concerned with his recovery anymore.  
     Where is Giuseppe Marotta during this whole debacle?  We certainly just let Giuseppe Rossi's price skyrocket by allowing him the time to sign a contract extension with Vilarreal.  This now makes a €15 Million move jump to at least €22 Million.  Instead we are looking for cheap alternatives like Forlan and Fabiano which is very frustrating because through interviews we learned they just want out of their clubs and are not really interested in donning the black and white. 
     For a club that has indicated its strength in the financial area as having no debts and operating in the black we are afraid to make negotiations go forth to bring in players that will give us a bright present, but even brighter future.  Some players need to be moved out gradually such as:  Grygera, Legrotaglie, and Manninger.  
     The players we need to see leave immediately are: Amauri, Iaquinta, Grygera, and Stoarari (while we can turn a profit).  Luca Toni can stick around solely because he was brought in on the cheap and can give us the height in attack for a late aerial attack.  
     Players that the club should consider bringing in by the start of next season are: Giovinco, Criscito, Rossi, Luis Suarez, Eljero Elia, and Greg Van der Wiel.  This cast of players can immediately return our team to prominence on top of the league where we rightfully belong.  If Calciopoli 2 turns in our favor then expect major compensation which will allow us to purchase this group or at least players of their caliber.  
     So we learned a lot through this match with Sampdoria.  From understanding that we are not Scudetto worthy this season, but that we are also not too far off and in the next few years we will receive our Terza (3rd) Stella (Star).  Juventini, we must display patience and be prepared for a bright and promising future after the construction of our new stadium.   


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